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Wild animals can cause damage to property and can be dangerous to humans and pets.

Capture and Removal

I will come in and determine the safest and most humane method to deal with the problem species such as skunk, raccoon, armadillo, beaver and more for capture and removal. pest control, animal services in Yukon, Oklahoma City Bethany, Edmond, Piedmont and other central OK locations. 

Beaver can cause major damage to trees, create flooding and cause pond dams to fail

Deterrent of other problem pests.

I will access your situation and try to take away or educate on features of your property that might attract other problem pests. 

Animals like Raccoons in attics damage insulation, wiring and ducting and leave smelly droppings

Exclusion and clean up

I will attempt to close up or exclude re-entry of problem animals to your home, outbuildings or yard and clean up damaged and soiled items left behInd after removal.